Dear friends and family,

In extending to you an invitation to share in our wedding ceremony, we wish to further elaborate to you the nature of this occasion, and we would also like to make a special request: we ask that you relax and enjoy yourselves.

The purpose of this gathering is to share with you a part of our lives that is often hidden from view. Many of you will know us best through our work as leaders and partners in building the LiveWorkPlay organization over the past seven years. What you may not know is that we have also been building an incredible partnership of the heart. This special day is an opportunity to share this part of our lives with all of you.

The celebration will take place outdoors, on the grounds of the Kingstone residence in Cumberland. This is a formal dress occasion, but we want you to be comfortable. You will be walking around on grass, so feel free to leave the high heels at home. We are at the mercy of the elements, so please come prepared for whatever the day may bring. Rain or shine, this day will be made great by having you with us.

A lot of you have already asked about gifts, and it's a real challenge for us. We are going to do our best to come up with a list, and we will register the items at The Bay and Sears as soon as possible. The registries can be accessed by visiting local Sears and The Bay retail stores, or online at and

As there are a number of details that remain to be worked out, we are going to provide updates to you from a web site at From the wedding site you can read a bit of background about the engagement, and other information will be added over the next two months.

Special note to LiveWorkPlay families:

We are inviting every LiveWorkPlay participant and their family members to the wedding ceremony, which starts at 3:00. This will be followed by some light refreshments, the taking of pictures, and some other fun, which should all come to an end before 5:00.

Adult LWP participants are also being invited to the reception that follows later in the evening, which should get underway around 6:30. We feel that attending the ceremony and reception will be too long of a day for younger children, so the purpose of these arrangements is to include everyone, without placing undue stress on children and parents.