This document contains the text of the wedding program as it was distributed to those in attendance on August 25, 2001. Please note that the fonts and sizes do not resemble the actual program. In order to ensure that this on-line version is readable for everyone, we have utilized the default font.

The Marriage Of

Ms. Julia Jane Meredith Kingstone
Mr. Keenan Glen Wellar

Saturday August 25th, 2001, 3:00 p.m.

The Kingstone Residence
1445 Lough Drive
Cumberland, Ontario
K4C 1A9

Welcome friends & family! We are so glad that all of you could be here to celebrate with us today. In the tradition of Julie's years of summer camp life , we thought we would begin the festivities with a sing song. We hope you enjoy the music and please sing along nice and loud and we will be joining you shortly!

Julie and Keenan
[All of the above was printed on the program but never spoken]

Sing Along

Sing, Sing A Song | Take Me Home, Country Roads | Down By The Riverside | Doe A Deer | Rock My Soul | Water Melon Song | Feelin' Groovy | Cecelia | Free Fallin' | Yer So Bad | California Dreamin' | Unicorn | Sloop John B | Those Were The Days

Each friend opens a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
         ~Anais Nin

Flower Processional

Jane Bolger, Flannery Bolger, and Jackson Couse. (Keenan's nieces and nephew)

Song: Circle Game (Joni Mitchell)

Entrance of Bride and Groom

Song: True Companion (Mark Cohn)

Welcome, by Wedding Officiant Dan Mayo

We are gathered here, not to witness the beginning of what will be, but rather what is! We come to celebrate with Julie, Keenan, their families, and their friends, the wondrous and joyful occurrence of love that has taken place in their lives. This wedding celebrates the joy and beauty of life. So let the celebration begin!

Do not go where the path leads. Rather, go your own way and leave a trail
         ~Nicaraguan saying

Reading by David Ogden and Christina Norris

Marriage is a supreme sharing of experience, and an adventure in the most intimate of human relationships. It is the joyous uniting of two people whose friendship and mutual understanding have flowered into romance. Today Julie and Keenan proclaim their love to the world, and we who are gathered here rejoice with them and for them in their life together.

Your marriage requires "love," which is a word often used with vagueness and sentimentality. We mean something very real, when we bind ourselves in love. It can mean sweet freedom and fulfilment. When we love we see things other people do not see. We see beneath the surface and observe qualities which make this one different from and dearer than all others. To see with loving eyes is to know inner beauty and to be loved is to be seen and known as we are known to no other.

Song: Welcome To My Morning (John Denver)

All glory comes from daring to begin
         ~ anonymous

Reading by David Kingstone and Patricia Kingstone

The love shared by Julie and Keenan of which we speak is not static. It is a growing and dynamic relationship. We all dream that tomorrow we will grow and fulfill our possibilities. It is a blessing when someone believes in our dream of ourselves, and wants to live with us and help make dreams and aspirations come true. Such is the relationship enjoyed by Julie and Keenan. We cherish the past, rejoice in the present, and as their journey together continues, we look forward to witnessing the strength of their love grow.

Song: The Rose (Bette Midler)

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us
         ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reading by Peter Kingstone

True love breeds unlimited courage and confidence. Such courage and confidence we know are yours, as you continue your lives together under the ever embracing bond of marriage. In addition to the fund of affection and thoughtful consideration which you have for one another, you will need a capacity for self-sacrifice, patience and forbearance, for this is no light adventure which you have undertaken.

The secret of love and marriage is the emergence of the larger self. Such is the privilege of husband and wife - to be each himself, herself and yet another; to face the world strong, with the courage of two.

Reading by Marnie Wellar

The high and fine art of married life is in this mutual enrichment, mental and spiritual, this give and take between two personalities, this mingling of two endowments which depletes neither, but enables each. The more he or she gives, to receive only the more.

Marriage must be a cooperative venture in every sense. It is a relationship based on love, respect and a determination on the part of both wife and husband to adjust to each other's temperaments and moods - in health or sickness, joy or sadness, ease or hardship.

Song: For Bobbie (John Denver)

Reading by Barry Wellar and Marjorie Wellar

Marriage is dedication. You give yourself, your life and love, into the hands of the one you love. You do so trustingly and generously. By the same token, each of you receives a gift - the life and love of the other. You receive this gift not only from the one you love, but also from the parents who brought you into the world and reared you, and from the personal world of friends and family who are joined in friendship and faith in your marriage.

We are here to share your joy and hope, and to speed you along the path which, henceforth, you are to tread together. May it be the path of blessedness, bright with the fragrant flowers of prosperity and spiritual conquest. A path of deepening and widening love that you shall travel arm in arm throughout eternity.

Skilful pilots gain their reputation from tempests and from storms. Staying the course is all that matters
         ~ Epicurus

Reading by Lucile Champagne

We know not what the future may bring into the lives of Julie and Keenan, but we wish for them that together they may be equal to the needs of their tomorrows. May they find patience in time of stress, strength in time of weakness, courage in time of discouragement, vision in time of doubt, and, in all time, a growing love. We who are here present, and those who are absent, thinking of these two people, hope that the inspiration of this day and time will not be forgotten. May they continue to love one another forever.

This celebration is the outward token of a sacred and inward union of hearts. It is a union created by your loving purpose and kept by your abiding will. It is in this spirit and for this purpose that you have come here to be joined together.

Julie and Keenan will now share their unrehearsed statements of commitment for this ceremony.

Note to readers...Julie went first. She had with her a number of flowers which she presented one by one to Keenan, associating each flower with a particular quality or feeling that she appreciated about him and/or their relationship. This included friendship, devotion, and humour. She also presented a flower to Kevin and Christine Brown, who first introduced her to Keenan. There was some laughter and a few tears.

Keenan responded by joking "hey, you brought props!" to much laughter before telling the story of the changing nature of his relationship with Julie, from friends of a friend, to friends, to best friends, to best friends deeply in love. He talked about some of the challenges they had overcome together, and how wonderful it was that they support each other to grow as individuals while at the same time building their collective relationship.

(The full statements cannot be replicated appropriately in print, but hopefully they will come out OK on video).

There is no try...there is only do.
     ~Yoda, Star Wars, Lucas

Wedding Vows

Julie, will you have this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together in marriage; will you love him, comfort him, and honour him, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, so long as you both shall live?

Keenan, will you take this woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together in marriage; will you love her, comfort her, and honour her, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, so long as you both shall live?

The Ceremony of the Rings

Traditionally, the passage to the status of husband and wife is marked by the exchange of rings. These rings are a symbol of the unbroken circle of love. Love freely given has no beginning and no end. Love freely given has no giver and no receiver - for each is the giver and each is the receiver. May these rings remind you always of the vows you have taken here today.

A circle is the symbol of the sun and the earth and the universe. It is a symbol of wholeness and of perfection and of peace. In these rings it is the symbol of unity, in which your lives are now joined in one unbroken circle, in which, wherever you go, you will always return to one another and to your togetherness.

Exchange of the Rings

Julie & Keenan (Prompted by Officiant)

This ring, a gift for you, symbolizes my wish that you be my husband from this day forward. I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Julia Kingstone, may not be joined in matrimony to Keenan Wellar. I call upon these persons present to witness that I, Julia Kingstone, take you, Keenan Wellar to be my lawful wedded husband.

This ring, a gift for you, symbolizes my desire that you be my wife from this day forward. I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Keenan Wellar, may not be joined in matrimony to Julie Kingstone. I call upon these persons present to witness that I, Keenan Wellar, take you, Julia Kingstone, to be my lawful wedded wife.

Note: the programs (which Keenan and Julie made themselves) as printed actually had "wedded husband" in both vows. Keenan insisted on correcting all 160 programs by hand, not because he was concerned about the error, but because he did not think he could cope with 160 people telling him about it. The strategy worked, although there seemed to be a chuckle or two with Keenan's choice of corrective phraseology: "oops...wife!".

Pronouncement of Marriage

Inasmuch as Julie and Keenan have consented together in this ceremony to live in wedlock, and have witnessed their vows in the presence of this company, by the giving and receiving of rings, I, Daniel Mayo, by virtue of the power vested in me by the Marriage Act do hereby pronounce Julie Kingstone and Keenan Wellar to be husband and wife. You may now seal your vows of marriage with a kiss.

Signing of the Register

Song: I'll Be Your Shelter (Soundtrack from Rent, the musical)

Best Wishes

Now we all offer to you, Julie, and you Keenan, our heartfelt good wishes. May you have joy and give joy, and make your home a source of strength and happiness. May you rest in each other's love, affection, and delight, and enjoy marriage as the supreme embodiment of your nature. Be happy and see that your happiness overflows to others. Two people secure to each other the enjoyment of their most personal needs. In marriage we are uniquely enabled to be ourselves, and to know one another, to share each other's troubles, and to appreciate each other's diversities.

On behalf of those present and the community that surrounds us, I wish you both all the joy and happiness that mutual love can bring. Look forward confidently to a future in which you and the world in which you live and work will be better and the happier for this joyful occasion.

Closing Procession

Song: Seasons of Love (Soundtrack from Rent, the musical)

Note: Keenan and Julie made the somewhat spontaneous decision to join the choir in singing the first verse of the song. Admittedly, neither of them knew what to do with themselves at this point. They sang for a bit and then walked back up the aisle and shook hands with whoever was there, which was just great.

Here's the Scoop for Post Ceremony Celebrations...

Photographs will now be taken, concurrent with the serving of Gelato from Piccolo Grande. Maison Aubrey will also be providing refreshing fruit punch. You are also invited to record a comment for Julie and Keenan on video.

Julie and Keenan want to take photos with everyone. Those guests not attending the dinner reception will be invited to have their photographs taken first. Please see the photograph schedule as posted.

Those guests attending the dinner reception are invited to relax on the grounds and take part in the photographs and gelato. Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. During dinner and throughout the evening, we invite all guests to share stories, thoughts and comments with the group. Dave Kalil will entertain us by candlelight after dinner.

Keenan and Julie would like to give a special thanks to:

Patricia and David for hosting this important occasion.

Ian and Warren for your making all the guests feel at ease.

Jane, Flannery, and Jackson for being our flower people.

Marnie Wellar for the great flower people outfits.

Christina, David, Peter, Marnie, Lucile, Moms and Dads for reading. Your participation made the ceremony so meaningful.

Dan Mayo for making the ceremony the relaxed and joyous event that it should be!

Marjorie Wellar for the homemade cheesecake, an incredible finish to the meal.

Dave Kalil for your awesome music and entertainment.

Special with all weddings, something always happens to make things extra interesting...In this case, Keenan's niece Flannery outgrew her flower girl dress over the summer, and her mom/Keenan's sister Marnie Wellar had to attempt last minute alterations that proved troublesome...As a result, all three flower people were delayed by almost an hour. Although some people were beginning to wonder just when the ceremony was scheduled to begin, it was all forgotten once the ceremony got underway. Julie handled the situation by entering into a state of graceful astonishment, while Keenan paced furiously in a variety of locations, mumbling to himself.

With the lost hour, time had to be made up during the photo session/gelato eating, which orginally was to be about two hours. The situation was somewhat hilarious, as everyone lined up for the delicious gelato, Julie and Keenan, assisted by relatives and friends, tried to herd everyone into place for photos. The gelato was so good, that people were actually ignoring the photo announcements to avoid giving up their place in line!

The dinner actually started within a few minutes of the scheduled time. Maison Aubrey had prepared a unique meal that began with a special Minestrone & Pesto soup. This was followed by a seasoned chicken breast with wild rice and mixed vegetables, and finally a finishing salad with raspberry vinaigrette. The incredible dessert of raspberry and blueberry cheesecakes was created by Keenan's mom, Marjorie Wellar, who made all 14 of them in the days leading up to the wedding. The owner and chef at Maison Aubrey were so impressed with the cakes that they sent Mrs. Wellar a letter of compliment!

The meal included a "sing a love song and the bride and groom will kiss" activity, and the microphone was in constant use. Jack Murphy and Jane Bolger, although some 50 years apart in age, performed a perfect duet of "You Are My Sunshine" which was just one of many highlights.

Julie and Keenan stepped up to the microphone for just a few minutes. Keenan "set the record straight" about Kevin Brown's contribution to their relationship, explaining that Kevin had told Julie and Keenan (individually) that they were "not a good match"...since it is impossible to tell either Julie or Keenan what to do, Keenan said Kevin's advice "virtually ensured that they would get together." Julie thanked everyone for coming and making it such an incredible day.

David Kingstone then took over and paid tribute to the many people who helped make the day possible, as well as to those who were unable to be present. He joked that Keenan had mellowed..."although Keenan still thinks he is always right... (Keenan interrupted at this point by shouting "finally you admit it," and when the laughter subsided, Dave continued) ...he's now much nicer about it."

Dave Kalil, simply the best piano singer around, joined in the fun during the speeches, and really got things rocking after the meal. There were two dance floors going, one under torch light on the grounds behind him and one in the tent in front of him. Julie and Keenan had expected about 25% of guests might dance, but it ended up more like 90%. Dave played for something like 3 hours without a break...nobody had realized how long the party had been going. It all wrapped up about midnight, save for a hardcore group of young folks who hung out with Julie and Keenan for another hour or so before they finally drove off into the night to continue their life together.

It was perfect.