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Introduction to Wellar Consulting Inc.

Barry Wellar, formerly a Full Member, Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP) and Registered Professional Planner (RPP) (Ontario), retired from both organizations in 2017. He retired as Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Ottawa, on June 30, 2005, and Wellar Consulting Inc. (WCI) was launched October 1, 2005. He is currently President, Information Research Board (IRB), a non-profit organization. The content of the website, Wellar Consulting Inc. is "frozen" as of January 31, 2018, which was the last day of the consulting firm's operations. These materials continue to remain accessible because a number of WCI productions which are currently being used and referenced are available only at this location.

Combining expertise and experience in both curiosity-driven and client-driven research design and applications, Wellar Consulting Inc. provides services to:

Fields of Expertise and Experience

Themes of evidence-based consulting activities since 2005 include the following:
Background and Guide to Published Materials

Emphasis in this website is on published materials. Four reasons in particular underlie this decision.

First, published materials demonstrate the extent and degree to which claims by Wellar Consulting Inc. about evidence-based expertise and experience services are justified.

Second, published materials provide a readily accessible means for potential clients to carefully examine the offerings of Wellar Consulting Inc., and make an informed decision about retaining the services of this company.

Third, materials published by Wellar Consulting Inc. reveal not only what has been done, they also shed light on what could be done by Wellar Consulting Inc., and thereby invite potential clients to break new or different ground when asking questions and making suggestions about consulting assignments.

And, fourth, emphasis on published materials to demonstrate competence continues a practice that began forty years ago, including four years in graduate school at Northwestern University (MS, PhD), three years on faculty at the University of Kansas, seven years at the Ministry of State for Urban Affairs in the Government of Canada, and 26 years on faculty at the University of Ottawa.

In all those positions emphasis was on publishing the results of evidence-based exploratory and confirmatory research, and having that research reviewed by all manner of interested parties in government, business, academia, the media, professional organizations, as well as by judicial bodies, community groups, and citizens. Wellar Consulting Inc. continues that practice.

To see the comprehensive list of publications authored by Barry Wellar as well as other curriculum vitae entries (education, employment history, honours and achievements, scholarly and professional activities, and funded research and consulting projects), please click here.

To view materials selected to illustrate consulting and related professional expertise and experience provided by Wellar Consulting Inc., please click on the heading of interest.

A. GIS Retrospective Seminar, Esri 2016 FedGIS Conference

B. Esri-Wellar 2015 GIS Retrospective Colloquium

C. Recent Major Transportation Projects

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E. Publications by Barry Wellar, Distinguished Research Fellow, Transport 2000 Canada and Transport Action Canada, 2005-2016

F. Selected Conference, Colloquium, and Symposium Presentations

G. Selected Public Interest Group Presentations

H. Selected Media Items and Video Productions

I. Recent Major Publications

J. Walking Security Index (WSI) Project Final Reports - Digital Versions

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